Good News for Pangolins

Ten years ago, we created Save Pangolins around a simple premise: raise awareness about pangolins. Back then, most people had never heard of a pangolin or knew that they were seriously threatened by the illegal wildlife trade. Today, pangolins are the most illegally trafficked mammal in the world for their meat and scales, and we are witnessing poaching at astonishing levels that will certainly drive them to extinction unless we intervene.

Today, however, we are here to celebrate good news.

Although the threats facing pangolins are many, we can confidently say that awareness about pangolins is higher than ever and is still increasing rapidly. The pangolin conservation community is growing, too. We are no longer a small handful of passionate individuals scattered around the world.

A Chinese pangolin mother and two-month-old baby.

A Chinese pangolin mother and two-month-old baby.

We are coming together to design a way forward for pangolins, to align efforts, to train and equip young heroes, and to seek your help. Only by collaborating will we be able to take the enormity of the threat head on.

On this World Pangolin Day, we are proud to unveil our new logo and announce the next chapter for Save Pangolins. We need to do more than simply raise awareness if we are to save pangolins from extinction. We must tackle the consumer demand for pangolin meat and scales; we must increase protections and enforcement; we must raise the financial and organizational resources to enable conservation.

To succeed, we need to come together. We at Save Pangolins are committed to doing everything we can with our partners to make sure all 8 species of pangolins are secure in the wild. We want to see conservationists unite with policy makers, the public, donors, influencers, and other groups. Saving pangolins will require a massive, aligned effort. And we can succeed.

Let’s work together to make this the greatest wildlife conservation success story ever told. Here’s how you can help.

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