World Pangolin Day: New Video Premiere

World Pangolin Day is this Saturday, February 16th. This annual movement has helped people all over the world discover pangolins and find out how to get involved in their conservation.

For World Pangolin Day, we are releasing a short film by Coral & Oak Studios. It is a powerful story that follows a poached pangolin from forest to dinner plate. This unfortunate pangolin represents just one of many: in only a decade, more than 1,000,000 pangolins have been poached for their meat and scales.

PANGOLIN: A powerful 2 minute film based on the award-winning documentary.

A collaboration between Coral & Oak Studios and Save Pangolins, this is a shortened version of the original award-winning documentary film, designed to illustrate the pangolin crisis for a universal audience.

The film is available in English and Mandarin.
English version: 
Chinese (Mandarin) version:

The film is effective at raising awareness and educating people about the pangolin crisis. Please help by sharing the video and posting about World Pangolin Day.

World Pangolin Day is this Saturday, February 16th. Please watch and share the video. Tell us why you love pangolins. #worldpangolinday #savepangolins

Key Facts About Pangolins

• Pangolins are being poached in record hauls. On February 1st, nine tons of pangolin scales were intercepted by officials in Hong Kong, the largest seizure the city has ever made. A week later, officials in Sabah confiscated 30 tons of pangolins, the largest bust in Malaysia ever.

• Pangolins are insect-eating mammals that live in Asia and Africa. Their bodies are covered with overlapping scales made of keratin, the same protein that forms human hair and fingernails, and rhino horn.

• They are consumed for their meat, which is considered a luxury throughout much of East Asia, and for their scales, which are used to treats ailments in some traditional Asian medicines.

• The demand for pangolins is greatest in China and Vietnam
There are 8 species of pangolins–all have been declared to be threatened with extinction.

• The IUCN SSC Pangolin Specialist Group estimated in 2016 that one million pangolins had been trafficked (poached from the wild) in the preceding decade. Since then, that number has only grown.

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