National Geographic: Poaching is sending the shy, elusive pangolin to its doom

National Geographic Magazine’s June 2019 issue includes a powerful article on pangolins — the Magazine’s first ever feature article on pangolins. Author Rachael Bale and photographer Brent Stirton convey the crisis facing pangolins through the lens of the people involved in pangolin conservation on the ground.

Save Pangolins was consulted throughout the development of the story and co-Founder Paul Thomson is quoted within the text. The article is already generating a lot of discussion online. This is an example of how powerful storytelling can shed light on an important but little-known conservation issue — as only National Geographic can do.

Don’t miss the side piece “How you can help pangolins”, which includes ways any person from any country can help: whether donating to the new Pangolin Crisis Fund to support conservation efforts, or buying the Pangy the Pangolin children’s book, sales of which get donated to conservation.

Read the full National Geographic story here.

Image © National Geographic

Image © National Geographic